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Junaid Malik


about junaid malik

Junaid Malik, formally known as Kalum, is an independent singer/song-writer emerging into the British Asian music industry after a seven-year hiatus. Malik has had hit singles like ‘Up and Away’ and ‘Burn it Down’ featured on multiple radio stations and music channels. Malik pursued his independent music career after finishing third place in finals at BritAsia Superstar, a televised singing competition.

After 7 years of embarking a journey around the world searching for spirituality and music, Malik returns to the industry full of determination and ambition to challenge the status quo of the current British Asian music and the world of popular music.

Malik, an explosive performer on stage, brings a new wave of music for all ages and aims to bridge the gap between cultures by fusing his Eastern roots and Western upbringing. 

Growing up in West London, Malik aims to bring back the music that comes from his local influencers; Channi Singh, Alaap, and the Rishi Rich Project. Over the years, Malik has worked with producers who have entered the Bollywood industry, such as Zack Knight and Knightstarr. These producers have worked heavily alongside Malik to ensure he is bringing the best of standards to the scene. Using this experience, he began to write and produce his own music, allowing his feelings to be conveyed and manifested into his art.

His comeback single, “Thuwan Urda (Swayin’)“, Co-produced with British Record Producer Jayson Jay, emerges from his Eastern and Western upbringing and brings a fresh sound to the industry. The song was inspired by Malik’s many spiritual journeys and healing embarked on through the source of nature. 

Through this song, Malik seeks to tackle stereotypes and allow his music to offer a healing rhythm to his listeners. What makes Malik unique is his passionate drive to use his artistic platform to create music that liberates the mind, body and soul.

Free from the constraints of a record label and with his passion for exploring various musical genres and different cultures, Malik is able to blend his distinctive voice and take his art to a place where musical and lyrical integrity meets commercial mainstream.

Malik is currently working on new music and will be releasing new singles soon.

Success isn’t a status, it’s a feeling. And that notion has to be shared amongst all of our loved ones”